Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Oh, Potato! part 1

Oh, Potato! part 1
Originally uploaded by ethylene
So this is the part wherein i rush my first post to make sure something is up, even if it is a bad scan of a rushed doodle done in as low tech a means as possible.
This is now the part in which i advise you to keep your expectations low.

Oh, maybe i should introduce myself.
Call me ethylene.
i'm the bad babysitter you've heard whispers about, who will do as little as possible to attend to your needs, at best.
None of this is indicative of my actual skills, especially in babysitting.

Should there be slight alterations to the look of my posts or the comics, this should not be cause for alarm, at least not anymore so than my ability to post here at all. It should in fact be cause for celebration in the name of tidiness or improvement, possibly even visual continuity.


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